USPS San Mateo HVAC System Due-diligence Report
San Mateo, CA

Joseph Chow & Associates, Inc. (JCA), and its mechanical engineering consultant Ajmani & Pamidi, Inc. (API), was retained by the United States Postal Service to conduct the due-diligence report on the HVAC system for the San Mateo branch Post Office. The building is a single-story tilt-up concrete building of approx. 43,500 SF gross area and was built in 1964.

The JCA/API team did a walkthrough of the existing US Postal San Mateo Branch office facility the along with the USPS maintenance personnel responsible for this facility and reviewed three main AHUs, hot water boiler, chilled water system and controls in sufficient detail to evaluate their condition and prepare recommendations and also provide a Rough-Order-Of-Magnitude (ROM) cost estimates to implement the recommended improvements.

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