JCA's philosophy is to do the best work we possibly can on every project, whether large or small, and to maximize our client's dollars.

We feel our repeat clientele is a testimony of our performance and capabilities. We are sensitive to our client’s issues and are committed to using our previous experience to make future projects successful.

United States General Services Administration

Since 2007, JCA has completed over 12 projects, including IDIQ constracts, for Northern California and Nevada

  • Roybal Edward R. Roybal Federal Building Renovation - Los Angeles, CA
  • Ronald V. Dellums Federal Building Design Build – U.S. Coast Guard Build Out - Oakland, CA
  • C. Clifton Young Federal Building Design Build - Reno, NV
  • Social Secuirty Administration (SSA) Computer Training Facility - Richmond, CA
  • SSA HVAC Upgrade - Richmond, CA
  • SSA Emergency Battery Room
  • SSA Fire Alarm System Upgrade
  • GSA Motorpool - San Francisco, CA
  • GSA Motorpool - San Diego, CA
  • GSA - S.F. Fire Alarm System Upgrade
  • NARA Fire Protection and Renovation - San Bruno, CA

Department of Veterans Affairs

Since 2003, JCA has completed over 28 projects for the VA.

  • New Administration Building - Mather, CA
  • OT/PT Orthopedic Department - Reno, NV
  • Landscape Master PLan - 3 Campuses
  • New Emergency Department - Reno, NV
  • New Emergency Department - San Francisco, CA
  • New Emergency Generic for Building 205 - VASF
  • New Emergency Department - Palo Alto, CA
  • Catheterization Lab - San Francsico, CA
  • Specialty Care Clinics - Palo Alto, CA
  • Canteen Renovation - San Francsico, CA
  • Campus Wide Roof Survey/Analysis - San Francisco, CA
  • New Clinical Annex - San Francisco, CA
  • Wet/Dry Lab Research Facility - San Francisco, CA
  • New CT Scan - Va Reno - Reno, NV
  • New Mental Health Addition VA Reno - Reno, NV
  • New Ukiah Outpatient Clinic Addition - Ukiah, CA
  • New SPD Space Addition VA Reno - Reno, NV
  • Mare Island VA New Roof - Mare Island, CA
  • New Parking Lot Addition - Va Martinez, CA

United States Postal Service

JCA has delivered successful projects for the US Postal Service since 1994. From building assessments to new stations our goal remains constant; satisfied clients and users.

JCA has completed over 80 projects throughout California for the USPS, including the following:.

  • Ygnacio Valley Station
  • West Sales Region Office
  • South San Francisco Carrier Annex
  • Hilltop Carrier Annex - Richmond, CA
  • Law Offices
  • Drug Enforcement Lab (DEA) Renovation
  • Redwood City Parking Lot Addition
  • Daly City International Military Mail Addition
  • SMDO Office Addition
  • Menlo Park - Roof Replacement
  • Embarcadero Emergency General Noise Abatement
  • San Mateo Loading Dock Addition
  • Milpitas Roof Repair
  • Petaluma Windows and Handicap Ramp Addition
  • Fremont/Irving Station Renovation
  • Tulare New Carrier Center Addition
  • New Emergency Trailer Addition - S.F. Police Department
  • Pacific Carrier Center Renovation

Department of Defense

JCA has proven through our professionalism, reliability, and service that we can be counted on to deliver successful projects to our Military clients. Our offices allow us to provide direct support to project activities.

We have worked with the Air Force, Army Corps of Engineers, National Guard, Navy and Marine Corps.

  • Fire Scout Hangar - Point Mugu, CA
  • Former US Army Armory Building - San Jose, CA
  • Weatherization Project, Marine Air Ground Task Force Training Command, Twenty-nine Palms, CA
  • Lemoore - Repair BLDG. 802 & 803
  • LA Airforce Base AT/FP Consolidated Parking Area Phase II
  • Design & Construction of New Military Working Dog Support Facility Space, Travis Air Force Base
  • Repair/Renovate the first floor of B57, Naval Base, San Diego, CA
  • P-174 Marin Meteorology Center Research - Monterey, CA
  • Weapons & Field Training Battalion Support Facilities - Edson Range, MCB, Camp Pendleton
  • School of Infantry, Camp Pendleton, CA
  • New Dining Facilities at P1033 & P1084 - MCB, Camp Pendleton, CA
  • Life Support Shop Building - Travis AFB
  • Reserve Center Relocation, NAS Lemoore, CA
  • Naval Operations Supply Center, Luke AFB - NAVY - LEED Platinum Certification
  • BEQ repair, Bldg 41303 - MCB Camp Pendleton
  • Control Tower Renovation Fallon AFB
  • Childcare Development Center - MCAS Yuma, AZ
  • Building 57 NCIS Field Office First Floor Renovation - Naval Base San Diego, CA
  • Navy - Building C-60 Spawar Systems Center Relocation Study

United States Department of Agriculture: Forest Service

JCA has provided quality and reliable service to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) since 2006. We have had the pleasure of working on multiple design and renovation projects for the USDA including research laboratories, administration building, remote service building, and energy upgrade for the Forest Fire Laboratories in Riverside, California.

  • Administration Building - Mendocino National Forest
  • Lobby Renovation - San Bernadino, CA
  • Laboratory Building - Placerville, CA
  • MIROV Laboratory Building - Placerville, CA
  • Redwood Sciences Lab - Arcata, CA
  • Energy Upgrade for Forest Fire Laboratory - Riverside, CA

University of California

JCA has worked on many projects for the University of California. Since 1988 we have worked with UCSF on an On-Call basis and have subsequently worked on over 45 projects with them.

  • UC Berkeley, Student Housing Unit III Renovation
  • UC Berkeley, Student Housing Unit III Cafeteria Renovation
  • UC Berkeley, Student Union Bowling Center Renovation
  • UCSF Milberry Union, West Wing, Housing and Office Renovation
  • UCSF Milberry Union, East Wing Student Office Renovation Phase I & II
  • UCSF Milberry Union, East Wing 2nd Floor Business & Finance Office Renovation
  • UCSF, Mt Zion Facade Rehabilitation
  • UCSF, Mission Center Building Addition
  • UCSF, ATM Remodel
  • UCSF, Anesthesia Room Renovation
  • UCSF, Toilet Room Renovation
  • UCSF, School of Nursing Office Renovation
  • UCSF, Dr. Hellman's Laboratory
  • UCSF, Proctor Foundation Laboratory Renovation
  • UCSF, MRI Center Renovation ACC 'C' Level
  • UCSF, New Phlebotomy Lab
  • UCSF, Dr. Blackburn Research Lab Addition
  • UCOP, Building Study - Oakland Scientific Facility
  • UCOP, Conference Room Renovation

Bureau of Architecture, San Francisco

Since 1988 JCA has completed over 35 projects.

  • Fires Station No. 47
  • Ingleside Branch Library Assessment Report
  • San Francisco City Hall - Section 106 Historic Review
  • Human Rights Commission Office Renovation
  • Mission Police station and Juvenile Division
  • Department of Publich Health Curry Senior Center Seismic Upgrade
  • Laguna Honda Laundry Addition
  • San Francisco Park Library - LEED Gold Certification
  • San Francisco Presidio - LEED Silver Certification
  • San Francisco International Airport - New West Field Park
  • San Francisco Golden Gate Park - Music Concourse Underground Parking Garage Addition
  • Laguna Honda Hospital Laundry Facility
  • Coit Tower Elevator Renovation - San Francisco, CA
  • Burk Ave. - Field Survey of Existing Building
  • Laguna Honda Hospital - PBX Room Renovation
  • Laguna Honda Hospital - File Serve Room Renovation
  • Laguna Honda Hospital - Pot Wash Room Renovation

San Francisco International Airport

Since 1979, JCA has completed over 32 projects for SFIA and several at LAX.

  • Signature Flight Support Renovation
  • Cathay Pacific Airlines Crew Loung
  • Malaysian Airlines - VIP Lounge, Ramp, and Ticket Office, LAX
  • Philippine Airlines VIP Lounge, Ramp, & Ticket Office
  • Singapore Airlines VIP Lounge, Ramp, & Ticket Office - SFO and LAX
  • CP Air VIP Lounge, Ramp, and Ticket Office
  • British Airlines Office Renovation
  • Northwest Airlines VIP Lounge
  • Scandinavian Airlines - VIP Lounge, Ramp and Ticket Office
  • PSA Ticket and Ramp Office
  • Police Main Station - New Tenant Improvement
  • Police Substation - Tenant Improvement
  • Permit Bureau - Tenant Improvement
  • Airport Travel Tenant Improvement
  • New AMR-COMBS - Executive Aviation Terminal - LEED Gold Certification
  • Delta Building Renovation
  • Emergency Response Facility #4
  • USO Lounge Renovation
  • SFO Long Term Parking garage
  • Pan Am Building Renovation

San Francisco General Hospital

Since 1988 JCA has provided its' services to the SFGH, completing over 20 projects..

  • Traumatic Brain Injury Bathroom Renovation
  • Department of Radiology
  • Department of Radiology - Trauma Room Renovations
  • Reagent Lab Renovation
  • Research and Development Lab Renovation
  • Orthopedics Room Renovation

National Park Service

We were awarded the 2013 National Park Service A/E Indefinite Quantity Contract

Coming Soon!